Lasagne and Cannelloni

Traditional fresh pasta made from durum wheat semolina or with added spinach. Lasagne and cannelloni, also in pre-cooked form.

Lasagne and Cannelloni
Semolina specialties
Four varieties of traditional fresh pasta, dedicated to those who love taking the right amount of time in the kitchen: Semolina Lasagna, Spinach lasagna, Cannelloni, Wavy Precooked Lasagna. A dough always firm and elastic, ideal for elaborate recipes and traditional sauces. Available in pre-cooked form, for tastefully garnishing even the most simple and quick dishes.
From the Riscossa Pantry
Lasagne and Cannelloni
lasagne semola lasagne semola
lasagne spinaci lasagne spinaci
lasagna ondulata precotta lasagna ondulata precotta
lasagna riccia lasagna riccia
cannelloni cannelloni