For over a century at your side in the kitchen

Since 1902 Riscossa selects the best durum wheat of Puglia and Basilicata to bring the great tradition of Italian pasta to you.

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Over time we have perfected our craftsmanship thanks to modern technology, yet the passion and love we put into our work has remained the same as it used to be. Even today we use natural ingredients, place trust in the traditional processing method, and support a healthy and balanced diet.
Leonardo MastromauroPresident"If Riscossa today is a company of success I must thank my grandfather Leonardo, who passed down to me the timeless faith in values: attachment to our land and our traditions, use of wholesome ingredients such as the best semolina and water, love to all that is good"
Margherita MastromauroGeneral Manager“The preservation and satisfaction of our consumers is a top priority. This is why we constantly invest in quality, striving always to improve our products and to meet new dietary trends”
Nunzio MastromauroSales Manager“The success of Riscossa stems from over 100 years of Pugliese tradition exported to the world through quality products at the right price”
Fabio MastromauroProduct Manager“We strive every day to guarantee high product quality and production processes, certified by third parties, the innovation of processes and products, respect for the environment, organic production”
History of Taste
ORIGINS – The Story of Riscossa begins in Corato, in Puglia, in 1902. It is here that the Cavalier Leonardo Mastromauro founded the pasta factory "Leonardo Mastromauro & Sons", a small family run company. Soon after, the quality of the Mastromauro pasta results in fortune at the local level: by the end of the forties the production of the pasta factory reaches a staggering thirty quintals a day.
the whole story
The Path to Quality
We want to offer you a product of excellence: healthy, tasty and which holds up to cooking. This is why we select only high quality raw materials. Riscossa uses the best durum wheat of Puglia, Basilicata and around the nation to bring to your table the great tradition of Italian pasta.
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