History of Taste

Traditional craftsmanship, passion, dedication and more than one hundred years of experience have transformed a small family-run business into a business enterprise looking to the future.

The origins

The Story of Riscossa begins in Corato, in Puglia, in 1902. It is here that the Cavalier Leonardo Mastromauro founded the pasta factory "Leonardo Mastromauro & Sons", a small family-run company.

Soon after, the quality of Mastromauro pasta resulted in fortune at the local level: by the end of the forties the production of the pasta factory reaches an impressive number of 30 quintals a day.

The fabulous 50s

In the course of fifty years the production grows further, climbing first to a hundred and then to three hundred quintals per day.

The activities of the pasta factory move into a larger building, and the company was renamed "Pastificio Riscossa": a reference to the impetuous character of the founder and innovator, but also a note of hope in an uneasy time - the immediate post-war period - when the country dreamed ardently of economic revival and social redemption.

The '70s and the advent of the second generation

In 1971, with a production that now touches five hundred quintals per day, Riscossa pasta began to develop its first industrial plants, still manually adjustable.

The traditional processing method is gradually improved thanks to a process of constant innovation, that continues today. Meanwhile, the children of the Cavalier Mastromauro, Nunzio and Giuseppe, take over the company, giving rise to the current corporate structure.

A story of passion and dedication

Today, with over a century of history behind it, Riscossa is a large industrial company projected into the future, has over one hundred employees, and exports its products worldwide.

The passion and love we put into our work, however, has remained the same as it was before. Pasta Riscossa is prepared exclusively with durum wheat and water. Even today we follow the classical work method - which involves the three stages of kneading, extrusion and drying - to maintain the properties of the wheat grain, and bring to your table the great tradition of Italian pasta.

Riscossa Today

Always new proposals, to meet your every need in the kitchen
Over time, we have added to the traditional dry semolina pasta also special regional pasta, egg pasta, gourmet pasta extruded through bronze, organic whole wheat pasta and gluten-free pasta, peeled tomatoes and chopped tomatoes, sauces, oil and vinegar, biscuits, flour and semolina, rice and potato dumplings.

Easy to find products, catering for all tastes
You can buy our products in all major supermarkets, but you can also find them in your neighborhood store. Numerous hotels and restaurants trust in our food experience, serving Riscossa products to their customers daily.

Italian quality, even abroad
In Italy we employ about 100 people, and we have a growing network of agents and representative offices. We distribute about 600 thousand tons of products per year, nationwide and in more than 80 countries worldwide. You can find Riscossa products in all major European countries, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, China, India, Central and South America, the Pacific Islands.