The Path to Quality

Wholesome ingredients and traditional processing method are the basis of the unique taste of Riscossa. Everything we offer is guaranteed by a strict quality control, to protect your well-being and promote a balanced diet.

We select the best raw materials

We want to offer you a product of excellence: healthy, tasty and which holds up to cooking. This is why we select only high quality raw materials. Riscossa uses the best durum wheat of Puglia, Basilicata and around the nation to bring to your table the great tradition of Italian pasta. To guarantee our pasta a higher protein value, we blend grains harvested in Italy with the best varieties of durum wheat from Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Arizona and Mexico.

Simple and classic manufacturing ingredients, as tradition teaches

Pasta Riscossa is made only with durum wheat and water. Since 1902, we follow the traditional processing method, which involves the three stages of kneading, extrusion and drying. The bronze dies allows for a rough texture, ideal for holding sauce. Drying takes place at medium or medium-low temperatures, to maintain the nutritional quality of the grain of wheat. Which is why our pasta is always fragrant, perfectly al dente.

A quality that respects the environment

The entire life cycle of Riscossa products - from design to recycling or disposal - in consideration of environmental sustainability. The continuous streamlining of production processes allows us to reduce energy consumption. We restrict the amount of packaging material from the packaging through simplified structure. We use recyclable packaging elements, to help protect the environment by recycling.

We protect your health and we guarantee you security

The safety of Riscossa products is guaranteed by a strict quality control, in accordance with local regulations. We have obtained certifications of compliance for organic food, kosher and halal. Full traceability of our products and the absence of GMOs are a further guarantee of protection for our consumers.


Healthy food for a balanced diet

All Riscossa products have excellent nutritional values. If consumed in the context of a proper diet, supplemented with regular exercise, they can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We wish to satisfy all tastes, and meet the different nutritional requirements. Therefore, we propose a number of organic whole wheat pasta varieties, for the health-conscious; pasta made of rice flour, corn and quinoa for those intolerant to gluten; biscuits without milk and eggs suitable for vegans; biscuits with no added sugar, ideal for those who must follow a dietary regimen.